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In an era where most of the organisations are driven by achieving success, Yashaswi looks at success differently. It believes in shaping success stories of the underprivileged yet deserving people, primarily from the rural areas. At Yashaswi, shaping these success stories has been a duty towards the society, a responsibility towards skill development and an opportunity to contribute towards nation building by empowering the youth with industry-ready skill sets.

Establish in 1984 by Shri. Vishwesh Kulkarni in Pune, Yashaswi Group started its journey with placement services, where job seeking individuals were given assistance to find relevant jobs in the industries. Understanding the industry needs of manpower with specific skills, Yashaswi ventured into devising industry-specific training programs. This allowed Yashaswi to develop a unique industry network, while enhancing its own reputation of executing need-specific skill training programs.

To take the benefits of skill training to more and more underprivileged students, Yashaswi started educational institutes that offered courses in different management and technical skills. Today, through more than 13 institutes and a host of programs, more than 80,000 students have crafted their success stories. It has also launched special leaning programs like Learn & Earn, RMSA & Kaushalya Setu and has been appointed by the government as third-party aggregators in national level programs like NEEM, Apprenticeship Development etc.

All this while, Yashaswi has created a reputation of delivering what the industry needs. This has seen the Group be associated with more than 900 reputed and emerging industry names, across the fields of Engineering, Pharma, Supply Chain & Logistics, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Food, Retail and more.

At the same time, Yashaswi has expanded its presence to 23 states. Many government agencies had recognised the efforts by Yashaswi and offered affiliation to different institutes and courses. All these things are sure to create many more success stories, across India.



To shape successful careers through Skill Development


To establish a parallel education system driven by On The Job training to enhance employability and imbibe entrepreneurship

From director’s desk

“The human desire to achieve success drives us. It is this aspiration for success that gives us our name, our identity and our motto – यशस्वी भव!

– Vishwesh Kulkarni

Have you ever met anybody who wants to be a failure? Take your time, think hard. But I’m sure you can’t recall a single name, who wanted to be a failure in life.

Because, whoever we are, and wherever we come from; in our hearts we all seek success. We may define and imagine success differently, but it is a desire truly common to us as humans.

Back in the early 1980s, when I completed my college education, even I was driven by this desire to achieve success. Just that, I saw success differently. I wanted to succeed by helping others become successful. Today, after almost 4 decades, we at Yashaswi have managed to facilitate success stories across India, by engaging with the deserving yet underprivileged youth, empowering them through education and driving them towards success.

Affiliation & Association


Success knows no boundaries. The journey and evolution of Yashaswi Group is a testimony to this thought process. What started as an individual’s effort in Pune in 1984, has over the years, connected with people across 23 states of India. Along the way, Yashaswi has itself witnessed milestones being made and has contributed to them, positively. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Shri. Vishwesh Kulkarni founded Yashaswi Personnel Services


Got accredited by AICTE for its engineering courses


Founded IIMS, a pioneering concept in management education


Started Yashaswi Institute of Technology


Initiated the Learn & Earn scheme with Tata Motors


Created industry specific modules for many leading names from the automobile sector


Started the Yashaswi Academy of Skills


Became a partner of Maharashtra Skill Development Corporation


Implemented India’s 1st concept of privatizing the Government employment exchanges with the Madhya Pradesh Government.


Yashaswi House, Lane No. 15, Prabhat Road, Pune - 411004
Ph: (020) 6749 2727