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Contractual Manpower

While the need for skilled professionals is high and rising every day, the organisations have created a pool of labour that is not employed with them directly but is on contract.

At the same time, the quality and skill levels of this contract labour needs to be extremely high and reliable, to ensure consistent output on the shop floor.

Yashaswi, through its various entities, has carved a name for itself as a reliable source of contract labour.


A combination of labour and facility management services


In today’s times when the need for flexible yet skilled workforce is on the rise, Reliable Industrial Services by Yashaswi offers skilled and experienced workforce on demand.

Reliable Industrial Services provides flexible, skilled labor to even out workflow surges and downtimes. You can plan projects without worrying about layoffs or staffing up.

With three decades of experience in hiring the best skilled labor, HR expertise in workforces of all sizes, and problem-solving for our customers, every program at RIS is designed to suit specific industrial requirements.


By creating a pool of skilled professionals who have undergone specific training and development programs, including state-certified apprenticeship training, RIS provides Support Services and Facility Management Services.


  • Educating our people to understand your business, so they can contribute substantially to your overall profitability long-term, is what entirely differentiates Reliable Industrial Services from pure staffing or temporary agencies. Beyond the best people, we offer insight into best practices to improve productivity, reduce labor-related costs and continue to grow profitably year after year.
  • As the cost and complexity of legal and regulatory compliance continue to grow, your ability to minimize your exposure to those costs while positioning your enterprise to take full advantage wherever possible grows equally in importance. As a provider of skilled contingent manpower across India, we place great importance on staying up-to-date with legislative initiatives that may impact labor costs and the industry. That knowledge is a critical component of Reliable Industrial Services. Leave your labor compliance worries to us!


  • Facility Management is the integration of processes, people and technology within an organization to ensure functionality of the built environment. At Reliable Industrial Services, we offer a unique Integrated Facility Services model to ensure consistency and responsibility so you can focus on your core business.
  • We serve customers in many sectors, including commercial, industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, educational, and government. Our integrated programs like preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance, environmental health and safety, are fundamental to delivering high quality services that are safe, on time, and cost effective.
  • Whether your business has many locations or one location, we can save you valuable time and resources by streamlining your facilities and managing the daily details.


Need-based labour for human resource requirement in automotive sector


Founded in Pune, Yashaswi has a strong connection with the city and its industries. Since Pune has been a hub of automotive sector for decades, Yashaswi is extensively involved with the companies in this sector, for providing skilled labour.

To cater to this demand, Yashaswi founded Maharashtra Industrial Services, an organisation focused on fulfilling the demands of skill labour of the automotive sector, especially for Pune and Maharashtra.

Over the years, thousands of skilled professionals by MIS have made a significant contribution to the growth of this sector, across many companies.


Skilled labour for workforce requirement across different segments


The journey of Yashaswi began essentially with Yashaswi Personnel Services, where the idea was to be the facilitator between job seeking qualified individuals and companies.

Taking this idea forward, Yashaswi has engaged effectively with industries from different sectors, to cater to their need of trained manpower.

Yashaswi Manpower Leasing has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable workforce providers in different states across India. With thousands of trained individuals groomed by Yashaswi, working in different sectors, this has been a success story for everyone.