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Staffing Solution

Temporary staffing or Off-Role employees is an essential arm for any organization despite their nature or size allowing them to draw focus on their core business, leaving the workforce management to Yashaswi designated to this task. Temporary staffing provides organizations with the ability to staff quickly and easily for short-term projects or during times of high demand.

About Temp Squad

Organizations often raise requirements for Human Resources inclined towards the implementation of a particular project or restricted to a certain period. Yashaswi aiding in Temp Staffing can tend to this issue. The organization on roll headcount /size need not rise as the personnel stationed under Temp Staffing shall be on Yashaswi payroll. Yashaswi manages the entire lifecycle of such personnel. The model can also be implemented for senior employees as well and not reserved for freshmen. An appropriate workforce management strategy, be it Temp Staffing, will assist the officials to refine compliance, relevantly check costs, and better utilize time for empowering the growth of their organization.

Features of Program

  • Flexibility for upscaling and downsizing associates;
  • Limiting the number of Full-Time Employees in your organization;
  • Hassle-free onboarding and separation of associates;
  • Effortless selection of the right candidate for the Job;
  • Fills task force gaps in the organization;
  • Statutory and Legal compliances managed by Yashaswi;
  • Extensive Manpower support PAN India across sectors;
  • Robust HRMS of the helm of our operations;
  • Right cost for a better service.

Yashaswi House, Lane No. 15, Prabhat Road, Pune - 411004
Ph: (020) 6749 2727